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Muzik Revamped - 1.1.1

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Muzik Revamped

Muzik rebuilt with better responsiveness and design.




Controls Not Working?

  1. Make sure the widget is in Foreground and you have enabled “Prioritize Touch In Widget” from XenHTML> LockScreen> Advanced
  2. To get the controls working on your home screen please enable "Display Widgets Below Icons" from XenHTML>HomeScreen>Foreground Widgets
  3. And if you’re using LockPlus Pro please disable LPP Interaction from LPP> Enhancements

Album Cover Not Updating?

  1. Use Filza and navigate to var/mobile, click the (i) for the Documents folder, scroll down and change Ownership for both Owner & Group to mobile

Note: This widget does not replace the apple now playing on the lockscreen, to remove it use tweaks like MiscSettings, Springtomize and more...


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